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Rutgers Faculty of Management,
Dept of Management Science & Information Systems

Mar. 2003


1. Business Research Methods (BRM)
2. Management Information Systems (MIS)



1. Seminar on IT Management: Organization, Economics, Systems Analysis, Operations, DBMS, MIS, Configuring Hardware, Operating Systems.
2. Design and Management of Computer Information Systems. (22:198:607)
3. Distributed Information Systems and Telecommunications (22:198:608)
4. Computers and Information Systems. (22:198:604)
5. Introduction to Information Technology. (22:198:605)
6. Research Seminar; Individual Study
7. Deterministic Models: Linear, Nonlinear, Classical, and Integer Optimization.
8. Probabilistic Models: Markov Chains, Decision Analysis, Queuing, Inventory Theory, Forecasting, and Regression
9. Statistics
10. Regression Analysis
11. Math. Techniques: Calculus, Linear Algebra

Executive MBA: 

1. Statistics for Management
2. Information Technology

International Exec. MBA: 

1. Operations Management
2. Statistics

Ph.D. Program: 

Principles of Mathematical Economics

Courses given at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, CUNY, IBM, & elsewhere:


1. Advanced Methods of Scientific Programming
2. FORTRAN and Assembly Language Programming
3. Systems Analysis
4. Operating System Internals and Design
5. Computer Methods in Industrial Design
6. Business Programming with COBOL
7. Interactive Computer Techniques
8. Linear Programming for Managers

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